Be Our Volunteer

A resounding echo ..
An echo, which leaves a lasting impact..

IF YOU Want to Volunteer :

1. Be a part of our team; inform people, widen our network, help us organize collection camps.

2. If you can spare some time, wherever you are you can spread awareness even on the phone/email. Talk to your colleagues, friends, neighbors and relatives about AIHRCO’s work.

3. Spare a small space in your home/office twice a year (for a week) as a centre for our special collection drives. Better still, can you spare this space as a permanent AIHRCO collection centre?

Approach the school, college or professional institute that you were/are a part of, for a collection drive and long-term partnership with us.

Following is a list of options for people from all walks of life…


An Organization/Corporate: Motivate your employees/colleagues to join in our efforts. Initiate a collection drive in your organization where employees can bring in their unwanted but re-usable material for AIHRCO. You can also support us financially/sponsor any of our activities. Donate your old newspapers, one-side-used-paper on a monthly basis. Support us with new/old office automation equipment like computers, printer Photostat machine & office furniture.

A Potential Sponsor: Sponsor our camps, events, products and administrative expenditure. Often we are forced to incur huge costs on short-lived activities like collection camps or 2-3 day events. This becomes a monetary problem for us as AIHRCO. is a small organization with limited funds. Even printing a catalogue is a pocket pinching exercise for us. We thus appeal to any individual/organization that would like to help us out. We would be happy to give a line of credit to the sponsor in our promotional material.

A Business House/Exporter: What do you do with your non saleable/surplus material (for e.g. cloth, garments, footwear, stationary, toys, books, utensils, furniture etc.)? Instead of throwing it away, you can give it to AIHRCO. We re-use and re-distribute this or based on your permission, sell it to raise funds. This creates an environmental-friendly and socially responsible channel for the disposal of your wastage. Financial contributions (big/small) are also welcome to help spread the impact of our initiatives to a larger area.

A Bank: As a high activity public area, Bank premises are convenient and safe spaces for collection of material and a good forum to create awareness about our activities.

A School/College/Professional Institute: Educational institutions have always been a great forum to initiate collection drives, especially for ‘SCHOOL to SCHOOL’ and RAHAT. A chance to talk to your students to sensitize and motivate them will go a long way in supporting education in rural schools.

A Donor/Funding Agency: Support us monetarily for any of our initiatives like Vastra-Daan, ‘SCHOOL to SCHOOL’, Rahat, ‘Not Just a Piece of Cloth’ and help us widen our spread.

An NGO: Help us to reach people in need of support across the country. Join us an implementation partner. In the last 7 years this group has grown to over 100 agencies in 8 different states.

An R.W.A.: Like many R.W.A.s working with us, you can also organize regular collection drives in your area of administration. You can also organize monthly newspaper collection drive in your colony.

A Transporter: Transportation of material to various parts of the country is always a logistical problem. It would be of great help to us if you could reduce our burden a little bit by helping us reach some of these places for distribution of material. The way Self-express / Tran solutions have come forward to transport material free of cost to 3 states.

A Doctor: Give us a few of your extra medicines/samples for distribution among those who cannot afford them but need them.

A Media Person: For a greater impact, reaching out to the right people is a must; you can help us here simply by accessing your network! `

An IT Professional: Take out a little time and share your knowledge with us. Guide us in managing our database and strengthening our administrative systems

A Factory Proprietor: We are in constant need of packaging material to dispatch large quantities of utility items. You can solve this perpetual problem by giving us your old/used gunny bags and cartons.

A Stationary User: Use AIHRCO products developed from waste paper - various kinds of writing pads of one-side-used-paper and carry bags made from newspapers & magazines, which provide a suitable alternative to hazardous polythenes.

A Book Lover: If you are fond of reading then you must explore our vast medley of second-hand books in all kinds of area and help us raise funds. You can also donate your old books for this purpose.

A Theatre Person: Theatre, by all means is a powerful medium of generating awareness and stimulating thought on important issues. You can facilitate an out-reach program using your theatrical skills to sensitize the public about our work (through street-plays etc.).

A Shopkeeper: Join us by using paper/cloth or jute bags, made by us instead of polythene

An Airlines - Travel is an integral part of our work. We travel across the country to meet the beneficiaries, understand their needs and to widen our network. Come forward to sponsor/subsidize this cost.

You can support us by:

1. Joining us as a volunteer for all the above-mentioned activities.
2. Organizing a collection drive at your work and residential area.
3. Joining us on weekends for our regular collection camps.
4. Arranging funds for this movement. S
5. Sponsoring certain activities.
6. Donating whatever material you can.
7. Motivating people to provide Infrastructural Support: Office & Storage Space in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune .
8. Giving us a forum to create awareness among your colleagues/management or other acquaintances.
9. Buying/promoting our Recycled Products, Stationary and Books.
10. Giving us a chance to showcase a Photo Exhibition for fund raising.
11. Spreading the word about this movement.
12. Giving us your old usable Office automation/furniture
13. Going back to your own schools to initiate S2S
14.Giving us your old newspaper/one side used paper.